Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Beat Goes On ... to Pika Energy

Some have inquired why I haven't posted to New England Solar Beat in several months. Hint: it's hasn't been because of the great East Coast ski season this year. Clearly there has been no shortage of regional news to cover in recent months. The Massachusetts residential and commercial market continues to dominate PV installation activity in New England. Consider just one project, the recently announced 1 MW Capital Group Properties installation in Southborough, MA. To be installed by the Hopkinton-based project developer Solect, this installation is larger in capacity than all systems installed in Maine combined last year. And this won't even be the biggest solar array coming online in Massachusetts this year. That honor belong to a 4 MW array currently under construction at the Treasure Valley Boy Scout Camp in Rutland, MA. This installation will be built, owned and operated by the Andover-based Nexamp.  While I applaud the project, can you imagine pulling up to camp on your first day and being greeted by a 25-acre field of solar panels?

There are many great solar-related issues to dig into in our region, but my attention is currently being diverted to Pika Energy, a Maine-based startup developing the world's best home wind turbine and wind-solar hybrid system. I'll let you judge for yourself on our website. I plan to continue posting to New England Solar Beat and to @NESolarBeat. For more insights into a New England startup clean energy technology company, check out Pika Energy's blog.

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